RISCVEMU is a system emulator for the RISC-V architecture. Its purpose is to be small and simple while being complete. Among its features the support of 128 bit addressing and 128 bit floating point makes it ready for the future !

Main features:


RISCVEMU source code: riscvemu-2017-01-12.tar.gz

RISC-V boot loader, Linux kernel and disk image: diskimage-linux-riscv64-2017-01-07.tar.gz.

The boot loader comes from the riscv-pk project. The Linux kernel comes from the riscv-linux project. The disk image comes from riscv-poky (RISC-V port of the Yocto Project). The necessary patches are in the RISCVEMU archive.

Disk images

The following disk images can be tried directly with the command:
riscvemu URL
where URL is:
riscv-poky  http://bellard.org/riscvemu/js/riscv-poky

Fedora 25   http://bellard.org/riscvemu/fedora25

Technical documentation


It is released under the MIT license.
Fabrice Bellard - http://bellard.org/